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6 hours ago

K-Wolf 98.1

Time for our "K-WOLF 98.1 QUESTION OF THE DAY"!!
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Time for our K-WOLF 98.1 QUESTION OF THE DAY!!

Comment on Facebook Time for our "K-WOLF…

Ranch but Blue Cheese for Buffalo wings.

It depends on what kind of ice cream

Blue cheese!

blue cheese

Blue cheese

Ranch, hands down

Blue Cheese


🤢🤢🤮🤮neither yuck!!!

Ranch everyday!



Ranch Ranch Ranch






BLEU is the spelling, and yes Bleu all day long

Ranch all day!

Ranch! Random fact: it was invented in AK 😉

Depends on what type of salad or wings.

I’ll take one of each!

Totally dependent on what we are eating. 🍽

Crumbly blue cheese!

Blue cheese

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7 hours ago

K-Wolf 98.1

Anybody’s mouth remember this?!? See MoreSee Less

Anybodys mouth remember this?!?

Comment on Facebook Anybody's mouth …

I used to work at Tip Top Chevrolet back in the "Hot dogs, apple pie, and Chevrolet" days. We used to hand these out like candy.

My mouth, my burnt tongue, burnt fingers!

Boxing them sucked!!!

They just aren’t the same baked instead of fried!

Same with the cherry and they were the best, if you could taste it after burning of all the taste buds

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9 hours ago

K-Wolf 98.1

Thursday’s Thoughts…. See MoreSee Less

Thursdays Thoughts....

Comment on Facebook Thursday's …

a cashier told me the Treasury is going to stop making coins? anyone else hear this? but how about $3.99 stuff is it finally just going to be $4.00 ??

20 hours ago

K-Wolf 98.1

Oh you guys!!! This Saturday it’s going down, downtown!!! See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook 156603487734556_3341603702567836

Madison Larson

Spread out 6 ft apart, right?!

1 day ago

K-Wolf 98.1

WOW!!!!! See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook 156603487734556_3340651899329683

Wow! That’s an amazing find! Keep digging🐘

Awesome find !

Great work

Lauren look at your sisters! 🙌🏽

Wow that's awesome!

Did they notify the state? Those could be important archaeological finds.

That is so awesome!


In the Early 60's there were so many of those critters washed out of the Permafrost in Ester, Alaska that you could smell the Stench from the rotting meat in Fairbanks, 15 miles away.
The tusks and bones were so plentiful that there were a few houses with fences made from the tusks…

Kevin May

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1 day ago

K-Wolf 98.1

Happy National Oyster Day!!! Do you Love them, or not so much??? See MoreSee Less

Happy National Oyster Day!!! Do you Love them, or not so much???

Comment on Facebook Happy National …

Love! Grill them and splash some Tabasco on it and eat. Super tasty!


We love them😋😋😋

I Love Oyster

The question should be cooked or uncooked!

Love them!


Love love love.

Karen Krejci I know you love them!! 😊

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