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Johan – Your Afternoon Drive



Reality show or sitcom?-  Does NCIS count as a sitcom?……No?….Then Duck Dynasty.  It makes me happy happy happy.

Big Mac or Whopper- Either one…Look at me, do I look picky?

Coke or pepsi- Before I got married…Coke.  But the wifey drinks Pepsi, so there ya go.

Fav car-  1956 Ford Thunderbird, convertible with a hard top.

Night lite or completely dark- Ridiculously dark!!

Best sport to watch-  Football makes me yell things at the T.V. that would make a sailor blush….so I’ll say something more civilized, like GOLF.

Best super hero- Gotta go with the classics, always have and always will be a huge fan of the boy scout and the dark knight.  Superman and Batman, they’ve always been a nice example of yin and yang.

Flip flops or strappy sandals- Flip Flops…feel the freedom, don’t tie me down!!

Creamy or crunchy peanut butter-  Extra super crunchy please!!  and it’s gotta be JIF.

Which would you rather give up-email or cell phone?- buh bye e-mail!!

Best comfort food is-  extra spicy cajun sausage in a grilled potato roll with spicy brown mustard.  Someone bring the tums.

Potato chips or French fries- YES PLEASE….again, look at me….not picky.

Organic or junk food-  I work in radio, I can’t afford organic!  Besides, I haven’t found an organic Snickers yet.

Hot dog or hamburger-  What’s with all the food questions…..remember me?  The not picky one.

Sunset or sunrise-  Great, now I’m gonna have that song from “Fiddler on the Roof” stuck in my head all day.

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